Sony Launches A Web Browser Version Of PSN – My PlayStation

This just came in, Sony just launched My Playstation – a web browser-based PlayStation Network (PSN) that would allow registered users to use any of the PSN features.

This was announced over at the PlayStation’s official Japanese blog, however, it’s also available for US and EU PSN users with various language options. My PlayStation will allow users to use any of the PSN features like searching for a friend and send friend requests, and as well as send a message. Furthermore, you can also check trophies and view or edit your profile.

You can go directly to My PlayStation by click here.

Sony Entertainment Network (SEN) account management features will also be integrated.

Source: Resetera

UPDATE: We have also tested our profiles which are registered through the Hong Kong and Singapore regions and we were able to see our PSN profiles. My PlayStation also supports the South East Asia region.