Sony Interactive Entertainment to Notify Customers 60 Days Prior Any Changes with PS Plus/PS Now Prices

Game company Sony Interactive Entertainments has officially announced that they will give out a notification to their customers at an earlier time whenever there are plans for changes of prices for their subscription services.

PlayStation Now

According to the official Twitter account of Daniel Ahmad, he revealed that SIE will now give out a minimum of 60 days notification before they implement any changes to the price of the PlayStation Plus or PS Now subscriptions. Currently this was announced on the EU side.

This can allow subscribers to cancel their subscription before the price change takes effect. Some members would just link their credit cards for these services, which could surprise them when the bills come up. At least now they can plan ahead if they will continue to be subscribed or wait for another change.

For now there are now planned price changes for both subscription services. No official announcements yet from other regions around the world.