Sony Reportedly to Officially Unveil Xbox Game Pass Competitor Project Spartacus Next Week

PlayStation Plus getting an update soon!

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A new report suggests Sony Interactive Entertainment will finally reveal the competitor of Xbox Game Pass soon.

According to a report by media outlet Bloomberg, SIE will finally unveil Project Spartacus, the subscription service that will replace PlayStation Plus and will rival the successful Xbox Game Pass. Jason Schreier says they will be making it official as early as next week.

Project Spartacus is said to be a combination of PS Plus and PS Now subscription services with multiple subscription tiers to choose from. The free games it will offer include new titles and the classic ones from the previous PlayStation consoles.

There is one big difference though that Xbox Game Pass will still have a bigger advantage and that is its brand-new day one releases. SIE reportedly will not offer their triple A first party exclusives to be available via Project Spartacus on day one. It seems they are planning to make classic titles to be readily available as their major advantage compared to having day one releases.

No official announcement from SIE, but if the report is true, then PlayStation players will have to wait until next week.