Sony Interactive Entertainment Trademarked PS6 To PS10 In Japan

Sony PlayStation Logo

Game company Sony Interactive Entertainment has already filed trademarks for their future upcoming consoles.

Sony Interactive Entertainment now trademarks 5 more consoles

The gaming company has filed trademarks for five more consoles ahead of its planning and production. These consoles are the PS6, PS7, PS8, PS9, and the PS10. They were all trademarked in Japan and it is likely to secure these PlayStation platforms for the future.

This kind of trademark security is actually a regular occurrence for the gaming company. Check out the history of PS trademarks in Japan:

  • “PS” (trademarked in 2000, released in 1994)
  • “PS2” (trademarked in 1999, released in 2000)
  • “PS3” (trademarked in 2005, released in 2006)
  • “PS4” (trademarked in 2006, released in 2013)
  • “PS5” (trademarked in 2006, released in 2020)

Source: Alis

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