Sony’s PS5 Remote Play ‘Project Q’ to Retain DualSense Highlight Features

Rumored Q Lite is now Project Q and we're afraid all of the info shared before was true.

Sony Interactive Entertainment recently announced its new PS5 remote play streaming handheld ‘Project Q’. Following the hasty reveal during the PlayStation Showcase, a new report has revealed more information about its features.

A new press release confirmed that codename Project Q will have all of the features of a standard DualSense controller like haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. The unique feature of this remote-play handheld is an 8-inch LCD screen that can display 1080p images at 60 frames per second. It is designed to enable off-screen, so players can continue playing while friends and family watch TV.

It does have one downside, just like in the previous report. It has been confirmed that this handheld will only play with a PS5 console and will not be a standalone handheld. This is probably Sony’s response to the remote play feature with a smartphone that PS4 had. We can only speculate that Sony needed a more compatible device since smartphones could not do it.

The previous leak called the device as Q Lite and so far, all of the information shared in that report was true, even the dependence of the device on the PS5 console.

More details about this new PS5 “accessory” will be released later this year.