Two SoulCalibur Classic Games Somehow Delisted on Xbox Store

The delisting was so sudden.

Some fighting game fans have recently spotted something missing from the Microsoft Store two SoulCalibur classic games.

According Twitter user Jon Cartwright, he discovered that the original SoulCalibur for Xbox and SoulCalibur 2 HD for Xbox 360 are suddenly gone from the Microsoft Store. He notes that the original SoulCalibur title was delisted a while ago.

SC2 HD now shows the message “not available separately” which seems to signify that it will be available in a bundle. The problem is, it is not available anywhere as a part of any bundle of sorts. On the Xbox consoles, it says it is not available at this time, which was strange.

Some speculated that it is probably due to the inclusion of Todd McFarlane’s Spawn character, who guest character in the Xbox version. It got delisted with that reason, but it still seems a bit suspicious. Those who already have it can still download it again though, but anyone trying to buy it, it will be unavailable for them.

For those who are interested in buying the game for some reason, there is a workaround for it. They can just buy voucher codes for a digital download that can be purchased outside the Xbox Store. Just redeem the code and start downloading the game. So far, this is the only method that is working.

No word yet from Bandai Namco Entertainment if this was just an error on their part or was a company decision.

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