Spaceforce: Rogue Universe Re-mastered

Embrace The Return Of Critically Acclaimed Elite™ Inspired Space Simulation!

Zagreb, Croatia, June 2nd 2015: Independent games developer and publisher Dreamatrix is proud to announce the return of Spaceforce: Rogue Universe, the space simulation title that every fan of the genre will love to play.

Rogue Universe offers a beautiful, open-ended and innovative environment decorated with stars, planets, moons and asteroids. Comets, black holes, star-bases and floating cities are available for exploration. Crafting, trade, diplomacy and inevitable fights are part of the game like any civilization. Rogue Universe includes an extensive storyline with plenty of opportunities catering to the action-oriented player, and will also appeal to the adventurous and those with a passion for trade. Packed full of content, the game features epic space battles, a vast range of different quests, and a compelling storyline.

Re-mastered with the support for 1080p resolutions, Rogue Universe is available via Steam™ and is suitable to gamers looking for the ultimate Elite™ inspired title with its impressive space combat, exploration and trading.

Gamers have the opportunity to engage in trading, exploration, fighting, constructing, quest solving and diplomacy related decision-making, in addition to ship development and other activities. Environments can be viewed in either 1st or 3rd person POV. With 14 spacecrafts and 10 professions to tackle, money and experience points collected in the game are required to advance to higher levels. The games impressive AI help create a thrilling gameplay experience. With its advanced economic system allowing commodities to be bought and sold for profit, it is possible to upgrade an existing or add a new spacecraft in the game.