Splatoon 3 New Map Coming in New Season Detailed

This new map comes with the a returning character!

Splatoon 3 All Weapons cover

A new post has recently revealed new details of the upcoming new map coming with the Fresh Season update for Splatoon 3.

The developers have now recently shared a detailed look at the new map called the Um’ami Ruins, which comes with the returning character Manta Maria from Splatoon 2. The details were revealed on the official Splatoon Twitter account.

According to the post, the map is designed to be like an archeological site. It has some dig equipment, cranes, and a façade that looks like a squid on either side of the entrance. The description revealed that this might have been a battle site from an ancient turf war. This will be playable in standard Turf War modes and the Anarchy Battles.

Just like the many maps in Splatoon 3, the Um’ami Ruins map does not have much in the way of verticality. Other Splatoon 3 maps have been usually flat with low-lying platforms.

splatoon 3

Splatoon 3 is now available on Nintendo Switch.