SpongeBob Squarepants: The Cosmic Shake How To Get RainbowBob Secret Costume

See SpongeBob go into Imagination mode.

SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake RainbowBob cover

The RainbowBob costume is one of the secret costumes that players can unlock in SpongeBob Squarepants: The Cosmic Shake. This costume makes SpongeBob take on all the colors of the rainbow and making him look like he’s ready to do some more imagination.

Read ahead as we go through the steps on how to unlock the RainbowBob costume in the game.

Step 1: Complete the Jelly Glove World level

After clearing the Jelly Glove World level, SpongeBob will convince Glovey Glove to run Glove World normally again for its visitors.

Step 2: Talk to Glovey Glove at the Glove World Entrance

Head back to the Glove World Entrance and talk to Glovey. He’ll then tell you to play the three minigames in the park and win their prizes. You’ll need to play the Whack-A-Glove, Strong Glove, and Shooting Range minigames.

Step 3: Beat the Whack-A-Glove minigame two times

Just across Glovey is the Whack-A-Glove minigame. In this game, you’ll need to pop the red glove balloons as they appear using your flying kick while avoiding the white Patrick balloons. Popping a red balloon adds a point to your total, while popping a white balloon deducts a point. You only have a minute to score the needed points to win.

For the first round, you’ll need to gain a total of 25 points. Once you have succeeded, you’ll need to talk to the fish standing near the minigame and they’ll tell you that the difficulty of the game has been increased. Play the game again and this time, you’ll need to score 30 points. You’ll be rewarded with a doubloon for the first and second times that you win in the minigame, too.

Step 4: Beat the Strong Glove minigame two times

Next, head over to the Central Plaza and go to the Strong Glove minigame. In this game, you will need to mash the button to help SpongeBob inflate his fist. The larger his fist is, the stronger his slam will be. You only have a few seconds to mash the buttons. If his fist gets big enough, then the fist on the meter will be able to hit the bell at the very top. Once you’ve cleared the first round, talk to the fish near the minigame first before you can start the second round.

On your second round, you’ll have to mash the button even faster, otherwise you won’t be able to ring the bell. You’ll also be rewarded with a doubloon for the first and second wins in this game.

Step 5: Beat the Shooting Range minigame once

Still at the Central Plaza, head to the Shooting Range which is at the open water area. In this game, you’ll have to blow bubbles and hit the glove signs to earn points. Avoid hitting the Patrick signs to not get a penalty. You only have 45 seconds to get at least 15 points to win the game. You’ll be rewarded with a doubloon after clearing it once.

Step 6: Talk to Glovey

Head back over to Glovey and you’ll be rewarded with the RainbowBob costume that you can put on right away.

How to change costumes

To change costumes, go to the Menu, then to the Costumes Shop. You can then select through the different costumes that you have unlocked, or purchase the ones that are on sale.

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Check out this video by 100% Guides showing how to unlock the RainbowBob costume:

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