SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake All Bosses – How to Beat Every Boss Fight

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SpongeBob has his hands busy rounding up all the bosses in SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake. Not only because he accidentally opened up rifts to other portals that sucks up almost the entire Bikini Bottom, but some of these bosses are his actual friends that are living out their dreams in these worlds.

Read ahead as we talk about the SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake Bosses and share a bit of their backstories and a run down on how to beat each of them.

There are a total of 8 Bosses in SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake

  1. Mr. Krabs
  2. Sandy
  3. Admiral Prawn
  4. King Gary
  5. Pom Pom
  6. Twitchy the Witchy
  7. Glovey Glove
  8. Jelly Squidward and Madame Kassandra

Mr. Krabs

Mr. Krabs is the first boss that you’ll encounter in the game, although this encounter isn’t much of a boss fight, but rather a high-speed chase. A notorious bandit named Red-Handed Bandit has started making his name in Wild West jellyfish Fields, but it turns out that it was Mr. Krabs all along, being able to live his dreams of becoming filthy rich. But since he doesn’t belong in this world, it’s up to SpongeBob to bring him back to their Bikini Bottom.

How to beat Mr. Krabs boss fight:

The Mr. Krabs boss fight will have you chasing down Mr. Krab’s train with your seahorse. You’ll have to dodge obstacles and projectiles as you try to get closer to the train. Once you’re on the train, you’ll then have to fight your way through the jelly enemies to reach Mr. Krabs. Watch how to defeat Mr. Krabs in this video:


Sandy is the second boss that you’ll have to fight in the game. In the Karate Downtown Bikini Bottom world, Sandy has become a well-known martial artist and performer. She leads her own dojo and has caught the attention of that world’s Squidward counterpart named Squid Van Hammerschmidt.

How to beat Sandy boss fight:

Sandy’s main attack is her wheel attack which she tries to roll over you. She also spawns jellies and a bunch of her bodyguards. The best way to win Sandy’s boss fight is to stun her and perform a Karate Kick to inflict damage over time.

When Sandy appears in a huge wheel, stand in front of the pile of explosive barrels till she charges, dodge so she rolls into them. Karate Kick her when stunned. Make sure to clear out the waves of enemies when they spawn. In the latter half of the fight, she uses her wheel as sort of a buzz saw that bounces around the dojo. She’ll also summon bodyguards who will circle the arena. Just avoid their attacks by dodging and standing between them. Wait for Sandy to appear in a huge wheel again and let her run into the barrel of explosives once more. On the third stun and Karate Kick, you’ll win the Sandy boss fight. Watch the full fight sequence and how to defeat Sandy in this video:

Admiral Prawn

Admiral Prawn is the third boss that you’ll encounter in the game. He is also one of the bosses that you wouldn’t fight against, but rather Admiral Prawn sends his pirate jellies to do his bidding. He also took SpongeBob’s pineapple as one of his plunders.

How to beat Admiral Prawn boss fight:

Beat the Admiral Prawn boss fight with the help of The Flying Dutchman, you will need to board his ship, dodge and parry to defeat his pink gooey pirates, and take the pineapple back home to Bikini Bottom. Watch how to defeat Admiral Prawn in this video below:

King Gary

King Gary is the fourth boss that you’ll encounter in the game. Like the other bosses, you won’t be fighting King Gary, but you will need to destroy the vending machines around his room without getting caught by his gaze.

When Gary was sucked into the Halloween Rock Bottom world, he was left unsupervised and started eating chocolate, which turned him into a large angry snail. Even though SpongeBob manages to bring him back home, Gary stays in his monstrous form until he passes the effects of the chocolate from his system.

How to beat King Gary boss fight:

For King Gary boss fight, you’ll have to go around King Gary’s room and locate the vending machines. There are three machines that you’ll need to destroy in order to complete the fight. To make matters worse, King Gary’s gaze has the power to freeze you on sight. You’ll need to use the banister and walls to hide from his gaze and only move once your path ahead is clear. It will be challenging to move to the later parts of the room as there will be a lot of enemies patrolling the path. Watch how to defeat King Gary in this video below:

Pom Pom

Pom Pom is the Prehistoric Kelp Forest’s version of Pearl and the fifth boss that you’ll encounter in the game. Bikini Bottom’s Squidward found himself stuck in the prehistoric world and then later he gets caught by natives who worship Pom Pom. She then holds Squidward as a hostage within her tribe.

How to beat Pom Pom boss fight:

Pom Pom’s main attacks are the huge shockwaves that she sends out whenever she jumps. To beat Pom Pom boss fight, the patterns of these shockwaves can be easily dodged with the right timing, but it gets challenging once she summons adds. She can also cry out a fountain of tears as she turns around; you’ll need to anticipate where the gaps will be as they pass to avoid getting hit by the stream. Watch how to win this boss fight and defeat Pom Pom in this YouTube Video:

Twitchy the Witchy

Twitchy the Witchy is the sixth boss that you’ll encounter in the game. She resides in the forest of the Medieval Sulfur Fields where her hut is. In this world, Pearl is living her wish to be a princess in her own castle, but Twitchy does not like that, so the witch does her best to disrupt Pearl’s slumber party.

How to beat Twitchy the Witchy boss fight:

During Twitchy the Witchy boss fight, you won’t be fighting against Twitchy, but she will be getting in your way with her attacks and summons. Your main objective is to serve cake to all of Pearl’s slumber party guests. When you’re carrying a cake, you’re susceptible to attack as you can only walk and not dodge. Twitchy will also be sending out green orbs that can slow you down once you get hit. Watch how to defeat Twitchy the Witchy in this video [timestamp 15:11]:

Glovey Glove

Glovey Glove is the seventh boss that you’ll encounter in the game. Glovey is the mascot of Glove World, but ever since the destruction of Bikini Bottom, he became sad and resentful of SpongeBob because his park is no longer getting visited by people.

How to beat Glovey Glove boss fight:

To beat the Glovey Glove boss fight, you’ll be using the power of the leaf blower. The fight has three phases and in each phase, you’ll have to get the leaf blower, charge it up, then fire it towards Glovey. The platform that you’ll be standing on will change in every phase and there will be jelly enemies spawning from time to time.

Glovey will also be shooting jelly toward you; this jelly can hurt both you and the enemies, so use this and lure the enemies through the jelly puddles. You’ll also need to suck the enemies or trash into your leaf blower to charge it up. Once you have enough charge, jump on a trampoline and fire toward Glovey. Hit him three times to complete the fight. Watch how to defeat Glovey Glove in this video [timestamp 08:47]:

Jelly Squidward and Madame Kassandra

For the final boss fight, you’ll be fighting against Madame Kassandra who reveals her true motives of becoming the Queen of the Oceans. Upon collecting enough of the Comic Jelly from SpongeBob, she enacts her plans and turns Squidward into a jelly monster.

How to beat Jelly Squidward and Madame Kassandra final boss fight:

For final boss fight, you’ll be using the leaf blower once again. You’ll have to charge the leaf blower up by sucking the small jelly enemies that spawn on the arena while trying to avoid all of Jelly Squidward’s attacks. Once fully charged, you’ll have to fire a shot towards Madame Kassandra. This goes on for three phases and in each phase, Squidward’s attacks get progressively harder to dodge.

The attacks are mostly shockwave attacks with similar patterns to Pom Pom’s attacks, but Jelly Squidward can release these shockwaves on different parts of the arena, thanks to his tentacles. You’ll have to anticipate where the safe spots will be and wait for the entire attack phase to finish, after which a leaf blower will be dropped for you to pick up. Along with the jelly enemies, you can also suck the projectiles that Madame Kassandra throws at you during the charging phase. Watch how to defeat Jelly Squidward and Madame Kassandra in this final boss fight video:

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