Sports Story Finally Out on Nintendo Switch

The sequel to the successful Golf Story!

Nintendo has officially announced that Sports Story is now available for purchase.

Sidebar Games’ new sequel to Golf Story is finally available to buy on the Nintendo eShop for only $14.99. This was first announced way back in 2019 after the developers promised to improve on their popular and successful title Golf Story. They said that the sequel will include tennis, fishing, football, volleyball and more with multiplayer support. Today, they have now delivered.

About the game:

Sports story is a sports RPG like no other. Featuring a mix of sports and sporting activities wrapped up in one big story. With a multitude of characters to meet, you will make plenty of friends and enemies along the way. Sports Story isn’t just about sports, it’s an all-out sporting adventure.


– Play and master 8 unique golf courses. Rise through the ranks of the tennis world tour. Start your own soccer team. Your sporting destiny is in your own hands.

– Travel by train, helicopter and houseboat as you explore dungeons, abandoned ruins and the mysterious Wildlands.

– Raise your Sporting Rank to unlock new and varied activities like BMX, mini-golf, cricket, volleyball, fishing and more.

– Kick back at the mall with its daily attractions, specialty sports stores and mini games.

sports story

Sports Story is out now on Nintendo Switch.

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