Square Enix Denies Allegations of Selling Off Company

Game company Square Enix has recently posted a new announcement in response to certain rumors related to them.

Just recently, media outlet Bloomberg released an article that reported that Square Enix is going to be sold off and several buyers are already interested. After this was posted, the game company was quick to make an announcement in order to clarify things out and give their side of the story.

Square Enix has made it clear that their company is not going to be sold off anytime soon or ever. The representative revealed that the report Bloomberg released was not based on any announcement that they released. They even revealed that there was no offer from any third party to acquire the company or any part of its business.

The response from the gaming company is a mixed bag with some siding with Square Enix while others are quite doubtful of them. They say that it is just a normal PR response to such rumors and probably Microsoft or some other game companies are interested.

With Square Enix denying these allegations, it is safe to say the rumors are false and we will have to wait for them to make an announcement to make it official if it comes to that.

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