Square Enix Tokyo HQ Staff Employee Positive For COVID-19

Game company Square Enix recently confirmed that one of its employees was tested positive for COVID-19.

Square Enix Tokyo HQ staff members now working from home

The employee who got infected is now under medical care at their home with the guidance of a doctor. The game company will now follow the guidelines of the public health center and identified the possible close contacts of the infected. They are now instructed to work from home to quarantine themselves. The work areas where the infected employee worked on is being disinfected as one of the preventive measures.

The game company has already taken several measures in order to make sure its employees are safe from the COVID-19 virus. They have instructed them to wear masks, wash hands, use mouthwash, banning travel, and recommending them to work from home. Starting April 8, all employees have now started working remotely after Prime Minister Abe declared the state of emergency in Japan. This measure will be in effect until May 6.

Thanks Siliconera. Source: Gamebiz