Square Enix Offers Free Mask For Every Purchase Worth $100, More On Online Store

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies have temporarily shut down and some have been helping out communities to protect them from this harmful virus. Square Enix is doing its own way.

Square Enix free mask for a purchase

The big gaming company is doing its own way to help its community, the gaming community, against the coronavirus. It is giving away a free mask with every purchase worth $100 from its online store. They are not saying anything specific, as long as it is an item or more that is worth $100, they will add a face mask to the shipment. This promotion will end until May 25.

The image of the free mask even has a caption below that says boost your vitality +1.

This is altogether sad, hilarious, depressing, and confusing at the same time. We live in these times where even a gaming company is now giving away apparel we do not commonly use every day.

The game company also recently revealed a big Steam bundle featuring 54 games.

Source: Official Website via Reset Era