Star Ocean: The Second Story R – Chapter 1: Krosse City Walkthrough

A guide covering the events in Krosse City of Star Ocean: The Second Story R

Star Ocean The Second Story R Krosse City cover

Krosse City is one of the major cities in Star Ocean: The Second Story R. After deciding to investigate more about the Sorcery Globe, Rena and Claude visit Krosse City to get information on how to get to it from the king of the city himself.

Read ahead as we go through the events in the Krosse City of Star Ocean: The Second Story R and share some tips as well as some helpful items that can be found throughout the game.

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Krosse City

Claude and Rena will arrive at Krosse City late at night, so head to the marker for now to go rest at the inn.

On the next day, you can check on the map to see your next objective. You can go around the city first and check the shops for anything that you fancy to get, then you can head towards the objective.

Along the way, you’ll pass by a person with three eyes as a limited time event. The interaction is short, but we’ll be seeing the same guy later one.

Krosse Castle

Once you arrive at the Krosse Castle, go to the receptionist to the left side. After talking to the receptionist, you’ll see a lot more markers pop up. You can talk to all of these marked people (talking to all of them is not required0, and you can also take the time to head towards the west corridor to reach the armory where you can get a Leather Helmet and a Wooden Shield.

Head to the staircase and you can inspect the Unique Spot – Portrait of Prince Clauzer to get 100 EXP and Portrait A. Head towards the room to the left to find a chest containing 400 Fol.

To progress, head to the top of the stairs and talk to the guards so that they can let you in. You’ll then be talking to the King of Krosse who recognizes Rena. You can then ask him more information about the Sorcery Globe. After the talk, you will then be given a Travel Permit to continue on to your journey, and 600 Fol.

Head back out into the city and to the city center to see another cutscene. Here you’ll meet Celine Jules, one of the characters that you can recruit, arguing with someone who is accusing her for stealing. After taking care of the argument, Celine later reveals that she’s a treasure enthusiast and have heard about the two getting a special permission from the king.

Celine then offers her help since she has a map that she plans to follow to seek a treasure and she thinks that having the two around will help her greatly. You’ll then get the Treasure Map that she has, as well has have Celine herself join your party.

Afterwards, you’ll learn more about Item Creation and Specialties, as well as Guild Missions.

It’s best to check out the Guild at the west side of the town and accept some Guild Missions to get some additional SP and strengthen your characters for the journey ahead.

Krosse City – Private Actions

Now that we have Celine as a guest member for now, it’s best to check up on the available Private Actions that are available. These Private Actions are available and can be triggered in some, if not all of the towns, cities, and special locations that you have visited, so make sure to check them via the fast travel system from time to time.



Krosse City


- Claude: At the waterwheel, choose "What about you, Claude?" (+1FP +1RP Rena and Claude)

- Celine: At Rena's house (+1FP Celine)

- Claude: Near northern exit, choose "Maybe there's another world out there." (+1FP Rena and Claude)

- Celine: Inside the Jam Shop, agree to help look for Yuki who is at the mine entrance. Talk to Yuki and choose "You shouldn't give up so easily." (+2FP Celine)

- Celine: At the restaurant in the city, choose "Yes, that sounds like fun", then choose "How about if we pay for this bill?"

- Celine: After the first PA, approach and eavesdrop at Celine's conversation (+4FP Celine)

- Claude: After doing Celine's PA, go near the save point, choose "Yeah. It really is a model castle town." (+2FP Rena)


- Celine: At the Item Shop, choose "Wow. That's really nice of you, Celine." (+2FP Celine, ? Jewelry)

- Rena: Inside the Item Shop, choose "Let me buy that for you" (-200 Fol, +1FP +3RP Rena, Leaf Pendant)

- Celine: Inside the Jam Shop, agree to help look for Yuki who is at the mine entrance. Talk to Yuki and choose "You shouldn't give up so easily." (+2FP Celine)

- Little Girl: At the Item Shop, choose "That's right. I'm the Hero of Light." (+1FP Rena and Celine)

- Rena: Inside the Church, choose "I hope my wedding's in a church like this, too." (+4FP Rena)

From here on, you can proceed with your main objective by exiting the city and heading towards the Krosse Cave.