Star Ocean The Second Story R is the Remake Fans Are Looking For

Brand new visuals, new gameplay mechanics, and the still the same story.

It was recently announced officially that Star Ocean The Second Story R is real.

Star Ocean The Second Story Best in the Series

Star Ocean The Second Story is hailed as the best Star Ocean game of the series. In every iteration it has (Original and Remaster), it has gained a lot of sales due to its popularity. Great gameplay and story are the two categories that made fans love this game so much that rumors of a remake began floating for a while. It turns out the rumors were true.

Star Ocean The Second Story R is Real

Star Ocean The Second Story R is now official and was recently announced during the latest Nintendo Direct this year. For the first time Nintendo players can now experience the visually explosive and fast-paced action battles of the second installment in the Star Ocean series.

After a mission goes wrong, federation officer Claude is stranded on an undeveloped planet. There, he meets Rena, who possesses mystical powers. Play as either Claude or Rena and make decisions that will impact your destiny. Star Ocean The Second Story R is a full remake of the 1998 science-fantasy RPG, rebuilt with striking graphics that combine 3D environments and 2D pixel characters. Plus, new combat features let you execute battles with strategic precision.

Star Ocean The Second Story R will launch exclusively on Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PS5 this coming November 2, 2023.

Source: Press Release