Star Ocean: The Second Story Remake Gets ‘Accidentally’ Leaked Online

R is for Remake.

It seems Square Enix has accidentally leaked an image of the unannounced Star Ocean: The Second Story Remake.

Star Ocean is another beloved JRPG franchise that Square Enix has published and developed by tri-Ace. Its strongest title is none other than Star Ocean: The Second Story which launched originally in 1998 on the PS1. It is still considered one of the best titles of the series and one of the best classic JRPG titles of all time. It seems Square Enix is cooking up something to revive this title, but a leak might have just spoiled everything.

Star Ocean: The Second Story Remake Leaked Image

An image that strongly hints at a remake version of Star Ocean: The Second Story has been spotted online. Best/Worst of it all, it was Square Enix that accidentally uploaded the image which looks like a banner of the remake on the official support site. The link provided by website does not show an image anymore.

R is for Remake

Way back in 2019, a remake of the original Star Ocean was released for PS4 and Nintendo Switch. It was called Star Ocean: First Departure R. If we follow the same pattern with this so-called Star Ocean: The Second Story R, then the R represents remake and will be a remake of the second title. It could still be in development and since the PS5 is now available, the visuals might change drastically.

In the second story, players will be able to choose between Claude (a male human) or Rena (a female Nedian). Nedians are an alien race that looks similar to humans except for the pointy ears.

No word yet from Square Enix to confirm these new claims but the announcement could be anytime soon.