Star Wars Battlefront II is the Official Second Free Game for PlayStation Plus Subscription (Update)

PlayStation Plus June 2020

Game company Sony Interactive Entertainment has officially announced that the second free game for the PlayStation Plus freebie lineup is Star Wars Battlefront II.

This announcement correlates to the recent leak that we reported a couple of days ago where a YouTube ad showcased the second free game. So Marvel’s Spider-Man was just a bug in the PlayStation Store UK system and it being a PS Plus free game was false. This is still a win though since Star Wars Battlefront II has become quite a good game after many updates.

The game will be available for download starting June 2. The other free game is Call of Duty: WW2.

Note: As of writing, only PlayStation US has announced this. No word yet on other regions.
Update: PSN Europe also confirms it.
Update 2: PSN Asia now confirms it.

Source: PlayStation Blog