Star Wars Battlefront II Starfighter Assault Revealed

I would be very okay with a free to play Battlefront 2 where Boba Fett and his ship were paywalled - so long as Luke and Yoda were free up front.

While gearing up for the show later, Electronic Arts just uploaded a heart-pumping space battle of Star Wars Battlefront II. Showcasing the Starfighter Assault Mode and all ships available across all Star Wars eras, players can jump right in the cockpit of their favorite starfighters and become the next best pilot in the galaxy.

EA will be streaming the live gameplay of Starfighter Assault at Gamescom and tune in on for the livestream at 12:30am August 22 (Philippine Time) / 9:30AM PDT today. 24 players will battle it out in space at the Fonder Imperial Shipyard. Will the Empire succeed? Or can the Rebel Alliance successfully destroy the shipyard?