Star Wars Battlefront – What We Expect

This year is full of exciting video games coming out. One of these games include the glorious good looking Star Wars Battlefront on Frostbite 3 engine by EA’s DICE this December. For those people and gamers who don’t know Star Wars Battlefront, I’ll give out a brief description of this magnificent shooter game title. Star Wars Battlefront is a action shooter games developed by EA DICE. The previous titles of Battlefront were developed by Pandemic Games and it was considered to be one of the best developed Star Wars shooter since Dark Forces.

This topic is about what we expect on the new Star Wars Battlefront. The past few Star Wars Battlefront titles on the PSP platform was surely fun. Now EA is going to release a next-gen Battlefront and we have big expectation of the game as a next-generation title.

Here are our expectations from Battlefront and let’s start off with Dave:

“Not really much of a fan of the franchise, yet, but from what I’ve seen from the sneak peek footages, it looks so nice and promising and that it would really cater to the fans as, according to DICE, it was intended to be a game to celebrate the franchise. I might try it out, still.”

Now James has this to say:

star wars battlefront key art“I cant really say much about Battlefront since I haven’t played this game back then but I can see the hype this game brings as it was truly a marvel when the original came out. With its familiar characters and locations and addictive and fun gameplay truly a sequel must be greater to surpass its original. So I expect a grander and more original experience. Maybe a bigger map for multi (ala Planetside 1/2) and additions from the newer and upcoming movies.”

Then my own expectations of Battlefront:

“With the latest update that DICE is not adding space battles and single player missions in the game since they think planetary battles are the main focus, I wouldn’t say Battlefront will be a disgrace. I would expect more gameplay experience and a whole bigger map and number of players in-game. I highly expect more on the DLC’s narrative that ties Return of the Jedi and The Force star wars battlefront art 2Awakens, it makes it interesting how well DICE and Lucasfilm has tied the story after the events of Episode VI.”

The removal of space battles was surely a shock for me and the Star Wars community. We just hope that EA won’t be using space battle mode in one of their future DLC just to get more money.

What are your expectations with the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront this November 20, 2015? Post it on the comments below!

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