How to Solve the Star Wars Jedi Survivor Alignment Control Center puzzle

Learn the secrets of the Alignment Control Center in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

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The Star Wars Jedi Survivor Alignment Control Center is a location in Koboh that was used by Santari Khri to align the arrays situated on the planet. Although it has long been abandoned, the facility is still operational, so Cal and his crew attempt to recreate Khri’s experiment in order to get to Tanalorr. You’ll be able to access the area early on, but won’t have much use for it until later on in the game.

Read ahead as we explore the Alignment Control Center, share its secrets, and go through the steps on how to reach the control room in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

Alignment Control Center Location

The Alignment Control Center is located in Rambler’s Reach Outpost in Koboh, just a few distance away from the landing pad. Initially, the bridge connecting the area is still drawn up, but you can cross the river by jumping and dashing. The entrance to the center is within a cave, and the entrance to this cave is on the side of the cliff near the bridge. Inside the cave is an elevator that goes down into the center.

Before taking the elevator, take the time to explore the cave, as you can find a chest in a room below the cave’s entrance.

Alignment Control Center Walkthrough

As you enter the Alignment Control Center, you will find a meditation point, screens on the left side, and a terminal on the right side. Up ahead is a path that leads to the chamber and to the control room itself.

The screens and the terminal are connected to the Jedi Chambers in Koboh and getting the Map Upgrade: Upgrades.

As you proceed into the next chamber, you will be ambushed by waves of troopers, gunners, and droids. Connected to this chamber is another room that has a gate composed of three spinning rings. Activating the terminal at the edge of the path will make all the cylinders stop and open up, and a bridge will appear, allowing you to cross and take the elevator up to the observation deck.

During the Align Arrays at Koboh Control Center objective, you will need to interact with the panel in the observation deck in order to align the arrays that will enable Cal and his crew to get to Tanalorr.

Alignment Control Center Spinning Door Bug

Players have reported that they were unable to make the spinning door to the elevator leading to the observation deck stop and open up for them. Either none of the rings stop spinning or some of the rings stop while some don’t.

In order to fix or avoid the Alignment Control Center Spinning Door Bug, check these pointers:

  • Make sure that you have completed the Locate the Traitor mission objective and have your mission objective update to Align Arrays at Koboh Control Center.
  • If you are on the right mission objective and the bug happens, close the game and reload to a previous save state.

What usually happens is that players might explore the Alignment Control Center too early in the game, thus not getting to trigger the right events in order to open the spinning door. This also appears to coincide with troopers not spawning when they are supposed to do their ambush; if you visit the control center and the troopers have not spawned, come back later and progress further into the story first.

Completing all seven Jedi Chambers is not required to open up the spinning door.

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