Star Wars Jedi Survivor: All Boiling Bluff Collectible Locations

Learn where to find all of the collectibles in Boiling Bluff

Star Wards Jedi Survivor Boiling Bluff Collectibles cover

The Star Wars Jedi Survivor Boiling Bluff is one of the regions located on the planet Koboh. It is a spot situated in between the canyons and is full of geysers and springs. It also contains a variety of collectibles that count towards the completion of a couple of entries in the game.

Read ahead as we go through the Boiling Bluff in Star Wars Jedi Survivor and share all the locations of the collectibles in the area.

How to reach Boiling Bluff?

Travel to planet Koboh and make your way through the Untamed Downs region. The next location through the canyons will be Boiling Bluff. If you have taken the rumor from Moran at Pyloon’s Saloon called Locate the Odd Pair, this will also be the location where you will find the rumor’s objective.

All 6 Boiling Bluff Collectible Locations

Listed below are all 6 collectibles that can be obtained in the Boiling Bluffs:

1. ‘The Wheel Turns’ Force Echo Databank

From the Boiling Bluff meditation point, look up ahead to the right, and you’ll see a ledge that you can climb with the help of the Nekko mount. Do a boosted jump to get on top of the ledge and find The Wheel Turns Force Echo.

2. Priorite Shard Treasure #1

Drop down the ledge and follow the passage to the left of the meditation point. A little up ahead is an orange rock wall to your right. Ride the Nekko nearby and do a boosted jump to get on top of the wall. The Priorite Shard will be in the jaw of a creature’s skull.

3. Crimson Jelly Spire Seed Pod #1 (Dathomirian Red)

Crimson Jelly Spire Seed Pod #1 (Dathomirian Red) - Star Wars Jedi Survivor All 6 Boiling Bluff Collectibles

After retrieving the Priorite Shard, head back down the wall. Once done, turn to your right and move along a little bit ahead for a Crimson Jelly Spire Seed Pod (glowing in green) lying on the ground, adjacent to the force echo nearby.

4. Crimson Jelly Spire Seed Pod #2 (Dathomirian Red)

Crimson Jelly Spire Seed Pod #2 (Dathomirian Red) - Star Wars Jedi Survivor All 6 Boiling Bluff Collectibles

Just a few steps ahead, to your left, is the second Crimson Jelly Spire Seed Pod lying on the ground, next to a black pole.

5. ‘Turgle, Saved’ Force Echo Databank

Turgle, Saved Force Echo Databank - Star Wars Jedi Survivor All 6 Boiling Bluff Collectibles

After collecting the second seed pod, turn back around and pick up the Turgle, Saved Force Echo, near the wall, adjacent to where you got the first Crimson Jelly Spire Seed Pod.

6. Priorite Shard Treasure #2

Go to the other path in the cave, and you will find a climbable wall high above the central pillar. Use the Nekko to boost jump and reach this wall, then continue jumping from wall to wall until you reach the very top. You will see two more climbable walls ahead of you. Jump dash to the wall on the right as it is closest, then jump towards the next wall where you can get the Priorite Shard.

That’s all the Boiling Bluff collectibles in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. As you initially explore the region, you can find and encounter the bounty hunter named Meyen Corr near the meditation point. They use double blasters and engage you from afar. Defeat them to get a Bounty Puck.

Additionally, you will also hear the voices of two individuals asking for help near the meditation point. Use the Nekko to boost up the ledge, then jump over the gap to find a Mogu. Defeat the Mogu, then talk to the two NPCs to complete the Locate the Odd Pair rumor and start the Play a Holotactics Game rumor.

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