Star Wars Jedi Survivor Bug Turns Mogu into XP-Eating Fiend

Stay away from this troll!

A new bug in Star Wars Jedi Survivor has been encountered by players and this one might want them to avoid a certain enemy.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor players might have encountered this particular annoying enemy called the Mogu, a so-called “space troll”. It is quite a troublesome and tough opponent for Cal Kestis to face, but it turns out, it is also bugged that it added a new ability. The ability to “eat” the player’s experience.

Reddit user slaymaker1907 posted an image with the title “don’t die to this troll, he eats your XP”. He reports that there “seems to be a bug where if you die to this very particular troll, you can’t get your XP back”.

One user replied said that they were three-quarters full on their XP, but after dying to the Mogu, the player marker says it is 3m below. Another user was ready to put down the controls and wait for patches, but they were glad that others were also experiencing this bug too.

According to a recently released patch notes by EA, it seems this particular bug is still not fixed so we might have to wait for another update.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor is out now on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.