Star Wars Jedi Survivor Developers Committed to Fixing PC Version Issues ASAP

Fixes are on the way and will be thoroughly tested.

Greez's New Look Right Arm Star Wars Jedi Survivor

EA has now released a statement regarding the Star Wars Jedi Survivor PC performance issues.

A new statement by EA has been released on the official EA Star Wars Twitter account today acknowledging the poor performance issues on Star Wars Jedi Survivor PC version. “We are aware that Star Wars Jedi Survivor isn’t performing to our standards for a percentage of our PC players, in particular those with high-end machines or certain specific configurations.”

The development team confirmed that there is no comprehensive solution for improving the PC performance for now, but they are working on the fixes. Note the “fixes” that they mention, which confirms that there will be multiple patches in the coming days or weeks. While they want to release these fixes as soon as possible, they revealed that the tests will take longer to do to ensure that they will not introduce new problems instead.

The team will have to release small patches for now in order to fix a few issues so they could launch them faster. If not, these patches are going to take longer to release.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor is out now on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.