Star Wars Jedi Survivor Locate Brother Armias Guide

Learn how to navigate through the Pilgrim's Sanctuary and open the door to the Buried Refuge

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Locate Brother Armias cover

Locate Brother Armias is an objective that is part of the main campaign in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. Cal has to go through the Pilgrim’s Sanctuary to meet up with Brother Armias, as the place is being searched by the Empire’s troops. Brother Armias has the contact codes that cannot fall into the hands of the Empire, no matter what.

Read ahead as we go through the steps on how to complete the Locate Brother Armias objective in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

Locate Brother Armias Walkthrough

Once you arrive at the Sanctuary Temple meditation point, continue moving forward by crossing the bar and running the wall until you arrive at a deep shaft. Slide down the shaft to arrive at the lower chamber.

In the lower chamber, there are troopers patrolling the area. You can clear them out then look for the hall that has the green barrier and take the path on the right.

Just as you arrive at the next chamber, turn around to find a grapple point above you. Grapple towards the grate, then run the wall on the right side to reach the next grate. Hang across the bar over to the next grate.

The next grate will be moving in intervals. Time your dash towards it as it appears in front of you, then ride it until folds before jumping on to the next grate.

Climb the grate up to a cave, then slide down until you reach the other side. Run up the wall above the claw, then wait for the claw to go up before dashing over to the other side of the chamber.

Follow the path ahead until you arrive at a pool. Dive underwater and look for the light that will lead you to a cave. Continue following the light until you arrive at a huge chamber with a locked door.

How to open the huge door in the Pilgrim’s Sanctuary

To open the huge door, you will have to make the two panels on both sides meet up at the center. There are two locks that can be pulled down by an anchor, however there is only one pole to latch the anchor to.

Start by pulling the right panel to the middle, then as it moves, pull and hold the right anchor until the right panel has cleared the lock.

You can then do the same for the left side, but you can pull the anchor first and latch it on to the post before moving the left panel to the middle.

Once you have both panels in place, the huge door will open and reveal the path towards the Buried Refuge. Take the door on the left and you will finally meet up with Brother Armias through a cutscene and complete the objective.

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