Star Wars Jedi Survivor Fan Improves Framerate with New Mod

From 40 to 90fps easily.

After seeing a particular issue on Star Wars Jedi Survivor PC, a fan decides to create a mod to significantly improve the game’s FPS.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor is riddled with various issues that have made PC players disappointed in the game’s launch. One issue, in particular, is the game’s framerate which would dip to 30-40 fps and not the promised 60 fps. YouTuber PureDark took matters into their own hands and created the perfect tool to improve this and actually DOUBLE the framerate by just upscaling with DLSS.

PureDark released a short video playing the game that revealed the framerate of the game, which is at best 40fps. They then open a menu and activate DLSS Frame Generation, a tool used in upscaling. Note that this is not available by default in the game which needs a mod installation. Immediately, the framerate improves to 90fps and more, which results in much smoother performance.

While this is a great mod to use, it seems PureDark is not sure if they will release this mod as this is only for showcasing. They could release it later since this is quite a helpful feature.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor is out now on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.