Star Wars Jedi Survivor Release Date Possibly Leaked by Database

It could have possibly confirmed the release date with this new leak.

star wars jedi survivor

A new leak might have just revealed the possible Star Wars Jedi Survivor release date.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Release Date Not Announced Yet

After the big reveal of upcoming new sequel Star Wars Jedi Survivor, many fans were a bit disappointed that the developers did not reveal the Star Wars Jedi Survivor release date. Nonetheless, they were still excited that it has now been confirmed since many have been wanting to know the continuation of the story and with the revelation and a new teaser trailer, it just furthered that. Still, a release date would have completed everything.

Leak Gets Out

Today, the leak could have revealed when the game gets released. Ironically, the leak comes from the PlayStation Database and the one who shared it online is a popular Twitter user who has accurately revealed important information from said database, PlayStation Game Size. Their information includes release dates, updates, game sizes, and more.

Originally, PlayStation Game Size found out that the database revealed that the release window could be February 2023. They surmised that it could be later February. This new development has now revealed that the launch of Star Wars Jedi Survivor could be March 2023. They do note that it could still launch in late February 2023.

No official statement from EA yet to confirm or deny this new leak.

star wars jedi survivor release date

Star Wars Jedi Survivor launches sometime in 2023 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.