Star Wars Jedi Survivor “Wide Open” Planets Can Be Explored Freely by Players

This will make planet exploration more worthwhile.

A new video has revealed new information about Star Wars Jedi Survivor planets and what players can explore.

IGN recently shared a new clip of Star Wars Jedi Survivor with Respawn Entertainment giving some interesting new details about the game, in particular the planet exploration mechanic. This was a five hours of playtime with the game and the company says the sequel will go beyond the linear version of the planets in the original game. It was clarified that some of these new worlds will be wide open and can be explored thoroughly without a lot of restrictions.

Previously, there was a short gameplay video shared by IGN where it showed the first few hours of playtime of the game where Cal Kestis’s ship crash lands on a planet and he needs to repair it. His objective is to reach a cantina to do this, but on the way, there were various other activities that can be done. Players could explore other areas, fight a boss, defeat enemies in a Bedlam Raider camp, and a puzzle room inside a Jedi Chamber.

It was then reported that there are actually other areas to discover but they are locked away. Players will need to make additional upgrades to Cal first before they could access these new areas.

This would definitely make Star Wars Jedi Survivor more attractive to fans who wanted more content for the sequel. This gives the game more replayability value as players have now more reason to explore the planets they land on rather than being forced to be there and locked out of other areas that should have been explorable.

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Star Wars Jedi Survivor launches on April 28, 2023 for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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