Star Wars Outlaws is shaping up to be an exciting open-world Star Wars game

I'm pretty excited for Star Wars Outlaws!

We are finally getting a decent single-player open-world Star Wars game, and it’s coming from the studio behind the critically acclaimed Far Cry 3 and The Division franchise, Massive Entertainment. Ubisoft already revealed an exciting trailer that followed suit with a ten-minute gameplay walkthrough.

From what we’ve seen, Star Wars Outlaws features a lot of similarities with Respawn Entertainment’s Star Wars Jedi franchise, Massive Entertainment’s own The Division, and a little bit of Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto. And that’s a good thing! Outlaws‘ leading lady, Kay Vess, is accompanied by an adorable Merqaal creature that resembles a lot with a real-life axolotl. Fans have quickly fallen for Nix’s endearing nature, much like Cal Kestis’ BD-1 from Star Wars Jedi. Plus, the open-world nature of Outlaws showcases a ton of places to explore, not just one planet. It’s not a surprise that Massive is the best studio to develop an open-world Star Wars game, knowing their outstanding experience with the genre.

I can’t help but highlight some similarities between Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and Star Wars Outlaws. Aside from a leading character with a loyal companion, the game’s possible platforming gameplay can give that Uncharted vibe that Star Wars Jedi managed to replicate so well. I can expect that a few missions will indeed include some platforming, swinging from one building to another, climbing mountains, and more.

Jedi: Survivor already leaned on a smaller-scale sandbox that encourages players to explore. Outlaws‘ gameplay teases us that we can explore a more significant part of iconic planets, such as Tatooine and a lush world resembling Naboo (still unconfirmed). Even the featured new planet on the video, Toshara, is a fully realized open-world space teeming with life and entirely explorable.

Additionally, you won’t always get your way around the galaxy controlled by the Galactic Empire. If you commit crimes against the Empire, you’ll be hunted down by the local Stormtroopers on Imperial-controlled planets; you must get your heat down to keep those Imperials off your back. Plus, if you double-cross organizations like the Pyke Syndicate, you’ll get a bounty on your head.

You can also take cover behind objects when engaging enemies in combat and ask Nix to help you take down enemies or distract them. The combat mechanics look great. Kay can switch her blaster to different modules — Blaster, Focused, and Stun. Plus, space flight and dogfights! There are still a lot of gameplay features that Ubisoft didn’t show us yet, but I’m positive there are more possibilities that both Kay and Nix can do during combat.

From what I’m seeing, Star Wars Outlaws is gearing up to be a great open-world game, and I can’t wait to see more of what Massive Entertainment has to offer!

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