Starfield Animated Shorts Reveal Three Major Cities

Each animation tells a short story of certain individuals.

Bethesda Games Studios has recently released three new Starfield animated shorts revealing three major cities.

Starfield Animated Shorts Feature Major Cities

Three animated stories for Starfield were recently uploaded revealing some of the interesting major cities in the game. The first one is titled Supra Er Ultra featuring New Atlantis. It has been confirmed that it is the biggest city the studio has ever made. The video focuses on the courier pilot named Kent who “aspires to live in the most desirable part of the settled systems.”

The second animated short video is titled Where Hope is Built. It is set in Akila City telling the story of an orphan girl searching for repair parts to fix a broken ship and live out her dream of exploring the stars.

The third animated short video named The Hand That Feeds, is set in Neon and focuses on two street rats who steal from the rich and help the poor. These incidents have now caught the attention Ryujin Industries, a major corporation headquartered in Neon. It is one of the many main factions players can join.

Starfield launches on September 6, 2023 on PC and Xbox Series X/S.