Starfield ‘Boundary Reached’ Issue Rebuked by Reviewers

Reviewers asking fans to wait for embargo to lift to know more.

starfield spaceship

A new leak claiming Starfield has a ‘Boundary Reached’ message gets rebuked by people currently playing the game.

After one individual got arrested for stealing Starfield and trying to sell it online, a new video was posted online that allegedly leaked the gameplay of the game. It showed a player running in one direction for around 10 minutes before a ‘Boundary Reached’ message appeared on screen. “Open the map to explore another region, or return to your ship,” it said.

This new message gave players the option to fast travel to the ship, open the planet map, or just close the message. By choosing the message would let the player continue for a few steps before they hit an invisible wall that would halt progress.

This would contradict what Bethesda stated which would let players explore the whole planet without getting blocked by invisible walls. Head of Publishing Pete Hines also posted the same statement on Twitter previously. He was asked if players are able to explore a “whole entire planet” after landing on it, to which he replied “Yup, if you want. Walk on, brave explorer.”

Some fans who saw the alleged leaked gameplay are now claiming Bethesda is lying to everyone, and that the game is not a fully explorable galaxy as promised. Players who are currently trying out the game have now rebuked those claims.

Streamer Darrius Fears posted on Twitter to deny that the controversial message is a persistent issue. “You guys probably already saw this screenshot flying around and people saying, ‘you can’t explore planets, Bethesda lied.’

“Guys, there is nothing stopping you from exploring the planet. It just may be a loading screen or you may have to land at the next spot (a short loading or cutscene) to continue exploring the same planet.”

Jez Corden from Window Central also agreed on the streamer’s statement. “It’s not accurate info nor the full story. Can’t say more than that really. Wait for the review embargo to lift. The half truths being spread are done in bad faith sometimes.”

Players will have to wait for the whole story and confirmation when the reviews come in later in August 31, 2023.

Starfield launches on September 6, 2023 on PC and Xbox Series X/S.