Starfield “Enormous Game Designed to be Explored” Assured Todd Howard

Industry Leader Todd Howard recently shared some tidbits of upcoming video game Starfield and what it offers to the gaming community.

Howard was recently interviewed by media outlet Telegraph, teasing fans details and tidbits of what this game will be when it launches. He did confirm that there are alien races, but would not go into detail. He did say that they will make it realistic within the game’s grounding. There are also planets to explore.

The question now is, how big is this game anyways?

“It’s very big, yeah,” confirms Howard. “People are still playing Skyrim and we have learned from that. We spent more time building [Starfield] to be played for a long time, if you so chose that you just wanted to keep playing it. It’s got some more hooks in it for that, that we added later to a game like Skyrim… while still making sure that somebody who just wants to play it, and go through the main quests and “win”, or feel they’ve accomplished something large is doable.”

The universe is quite enormous and proven to be infinite. Would it be applicable in this game? Howard says no and to not set any crazy expectations for that. They do reward players for exploring just like in previous games. That seems to be how the game will distract players from getting curious of what is beyond.

Well, we can expect some crazy stuffs though within the game’s limitations.

Starfield launches on November 11, 2022 on PC and Xbox Series X/S.

Interview source: Telegraph