Starfield: Faction Traits & Best Faction to Join

This guide talks about the factions tied to the starter traits as well as the other major factions in Starfield.

Starfield Faction Traits

There are several different Factions in Starfield that players can join and come across in their journey through the game. These factions play different roles within the playable universe, and more often than not, most of their own interests are in conflict with one another.

In this guide, we will be talking about the three main Factions of Starfield that are tied to the traits and the other factions that play major roles in the campaign, including some tips on what factions to align with based on play style.

Starfield Faction Traits

There are three traits that are linked to the main factions in Starfield: Freestar Collective Settler, United Colonies Native, and Neon Street Rat. These three traits are mutually exclusive to one another, so only one of them can be chosen as a trait. Choosing one of these factions will allow you to gain better rewards from their faction missions as well as unlock special dialogue options for the chosen faction. On the downside, you will get a higher bounty if you commit a crime against an opposing faction.

It is possible to not pick any of the traits mentioned and remain factionless at the beginning, or you can also join the other factions in the game in various ways. Being factionless will simply make you neutral to anyone at first, except for the Constellation, which is the default faction.

Freestar Collective Settler

Freestar Collective Settler - Starfield Faction Traits

Choosing the Freestar Collective Settler trait will align you with the Freestar Collective, which is a libertarian confederation that controls several systems and settlements in the galaxy. Their main base of operations is on the planet Akila, in the Cheyenne System. Their theme is based on the old Western aesthetic, and their government follows an old-fashioned one where each settlement is fairly autonomous.

Join the Freestar Collective if you prefer to play as a peacekeeper for the settlements and the people that inhabit them.

United Colonies Native

United Colonies Native - Starfield Faction Traits

Choosing the United Colonies Native trait will align you with the United Colonies, which is a centralized republic who has a hold on several star systems. Their capital is New Atlantis, a city on the planet Jemison in the Alpha Centauri System. On the surface, they appear to be a utopian republic, but they still have slums in regions of their cities. They are considered the largest faction in the game, followed by the Freestar Collective.

Join the United Colonies if you like to play and side with the faction that has the highest military power and influence in the galaxy.

Neon Street Rat

Neon Street Rat - Starfield Faction Traits

Choosing the Neon Street Rat trait will not align you with a particular faction, but it will give you perks such as increased rewards for missions done in Neon. As the name suggests, you grew up in the city of Neon, known as the Pleasure City, on the planet Volii. Despite being factionless, it will be in your best interest to join Ryujin Industries, which is basically running most of the operations in the city.

If you like to play more of a character who struggles to rise from the slums and possibly join a shady corporation, taking the Neon Street Rat trait will work best for you.

Other Factions in Starfield

There are a couple more factions that players can align with in Starfield, depending on how they would like the story to play out.


Constellation - Other Factions in Starfield

Constellation is the starting faction of the game and the one that is tied directly to the main plot of Starfield. Constellation was once a large faction made up of explorers and scientists whose goal in life was to find the secrets of the universe. In the current timeline of the game, the faction has garnered a mythical status, only having a few remaining members left.

Following the discovery of an artifact by the protagonist, Constellation has once again found its spark to mobilize and put their efforts into solving the secret held by the artifact.

Crimson Fleet

Crimson Fleet - Other Factions in Starfield

The Crimson Fleet is considered to be the pirate faction of Starfield and is basically one of the main antagonists of the game. They follow their own rules and set out for planets and stations to loot and pillage them for the faction’s own good.

It is possible to join the Crimson Fleet as an undercover agent for the United Colonies after being captured for committing a crime. You will then have the option to follow through with your deal with the UC and betray the Crimson Fleet, or abandon your side of the deal and take on the life of piracy.