Starfield Fans Warned of Spoilers Appearing Online

Leaks. Leaks are everywhere.

With Starfield preload already starting this week, fans are now preparing for a bombardment of leaks and spoilers.

Starfield Leaks Starting to Pop Up

While the leaks are quite limited currently, it has been revealed that there are Starfield story spoilers floating around online. There is also datamined info about the list of space owners and the Starfield main menu screen. For fans who want to know the titles for the 79-track OST are now online as well, but there is no info of the tracks themselves now available for download. Starfield achievements are also now available.

Other Developers Warning Fans of Spoilers

Another thing to note is the official Twitter account of another space game Everspace 2 that weirdly issued its own Starfield spoiler warning to players. It revealed that there is a “bad actor” who is trying to spoil a Starfield plot point by just mentioning Everspace. The keyword might be related to the spoiler.

Avoid Certain Keywords

So for fans who are really anticipating this awesome space game, they will have to avoid these spoilers from spilling from their monitors by blocking certain keywords. They might also want to avoid checking their favorite forums and websites that share leaks if they do not want to get spoiled.

Starfield launches on September 6, 2023 on PC and Xbox Series X/S.