Todd Howard Says Starfield is a Game but Grounded in Reality

Bethesda’s Todd Howard recently explained to media outlet Telegraph in an interview the nature of upcoming video game Starfield.

Howard shared some details about the upcoming video game and in particular how the developers balanced it as a game by nature but also grounded by scientific reality. He stressed that it is a game rather than a simulation where every element, every mechanic, and the law of physics is followed to the dot. It is not that, but it is somewhat like that too, if that makes sense to you. He said that it is grounded in scientific reality, which meant it will not be that too far-fetched. An example is that this game will not as super sci-fi as Mass Effect.

Elon Musk’s Space X organization shared some details to Howard in order to complete his research for the game’s development. He divulged that this has shaped the game in more than just visual and feel, it also affected gameplay.

“It’s being able to play with something where the technology level and the logic of how humankind got to where they are,” Howard revealed. “You know, how do the people live? How does the equipment work? What are the rules of communication? You take it for granted in the game that you could communicate from one planet to another, or some other remote thing. But we have the rules. No, they can’t – that’s going to take years! And then once you realize, you can be, like ‘okay…’, you can use that to your advantage.”

Even though Howard said that the game will be grounded on scientific reality, he did point out that it is a game. He even joked that there will be lasers and sound in vacuum. No further details on that part though, but we get the gist that it is a game, but it will still have realistic elements in it. It is going to be hard to balance those, but I believe Bethesda can pull it off.

Starfield launches on PC and Xbox Series X/S in November 11, 2022.

Interview source: Telegraph