Starfield Gamescom Exclusive Teaser Video Shown at Early Screening

From miner to space traveler!

A few selected Gamescom attendees were fortunate to attend an early screening of a Starfield Gamescom exclusive teaser video and they were able to share some details.

Starfield Trailer Early Screening

According to media outlet Eurogamer who were able to attend, Xbox showed the attendees a twenty minute teaser video on Starfield that detailed the game’s opening sequence. The showcase started with Xbox head Phil Spencer telling the audience what Bethesda Executive Todd Howard had described the game to him as “irresponsibly large”. Spoilers Ahead.

Begin as a Miner

The scene starts with the player taking the role of a miner. The date was also revealed to be May 7, 2330. Players would then descend into the tunnels to start the day by mining some metal deposits. They then get a laser cutter to begin to work, but suddenly something goes wrong.

Character Creation

During the incident, the player would encounter a strange gravity-defying artifact, but suddenly blacking out and then waking up back at the base. This is where the story starts. This is also the part where players will be able to create their characters. It showed how character creation was done which featured various options and sliders to choose from and none of them appear to be gender locked. They can choose a background and three traits.

Player Perspective

The players’ perspective can be seen in both first and third person, the latter for those who want to check out their created character in action. After this scene, the Crimson Fleet arrives which then leads into a shootout with the pirates.

Traveling Through Space

After defeating the pirates, players fly off to New Atlantis on another planet. Traveling through space occurs via menus. Eurogamer was able to peek into the star map and then jumped through hyperspace which seems to have covered the loading screens. Before that happens, a space combat scene above the planet’s atmosphere is shown with guns blazing and missiles being fired at the space pirates.

New Atlantis

The video then ends after the player arrives on New Atlantis which is a bright, vivid city compared to the greyish mining planet they were on before. Players are able to choose a landing zone from a menu screen and then they head to the Constellation to report what they found onStarf their planet.

Starfield launches on September 6, 2023 on PC and Xbox Series X/S.