Microsoft Claims Starfield Has Fewest Bugs Bethesda Has Ever Shipped With

Microsoft now on full-time checking for bugs and issues.

Starfield Concept Art

Xbox claims that Starfield currently has fewer bugs than any other Bethesda titles at launch, which is a huge improvement.

Starfield is Near Bug-Free

Xbox Game Studios Chief Matt Booty claims that the present version of Starfield is the best version as it has fewer bugs. Compared to other Bethesda games that the studio launched, this is by far the one with lesser bugs.

Booty was recently present on the Giant Bomb podcast with Xbox Boss Phil Spencer to discuss the Xbox Games Showcase and Starfield Direct.

“We have an awful lot of people internally playing it,” said Booty. “Working with Todd and the team, I see bug counts and just by the numbers, if it shipped today, this would have the fewest bugs that any game from Bethesda has ever shipped with.”

Bethesda Team Matured

Spencer comments that the Bethesda team has definitely matured. They have a lot of games already under their belt like the Elder Scrolls series, and the Fallout series, which seems to have helped a lot in creating this new game that is looking to be a future masterpiece. He even confirmed that after Microsoft acquired Bethesda, the game’s launch got forward earlier than expected and still they delivered.

Microsoft in Full-Time Bug Checking

Spencer also says that all of Microsoft’s QA person is now playing the game to check for bugs, look at the quality, and more. “The nice thing about what we showed today from my perspective is: that was the game,” he says. “We’ve been playing the game for quite a while and that’s the game.”

There are a few things that Bethesda is known for but one of them is the most notorious: their games have a lot of bugs on launch. To say that Starfield has fewer bugs than the previous Bethesda games is a huge compliment that Microsoft has given to the team. Hopefully, the final product will offer high quality too.