Starfield New Details Revealed by Bethesda in Q&A

Encounter 20 companions in your journey!

Bethesda has recently released new details about one of the most anticipated video games this year, Starfield, in a new Discord Q&A.

Starfield New Details from Discord Q&A

The Starfield Discord Q&A tackled broad subjects. It did reveal some very interesting details about the game that were not known yet since Bethesda has not shared a lot of specific details about it.

Smuggling Illegal Goods is a No-No

Thanks to Games8, fans get to know the various possible punishments for players getting caught doing illegal activities like smuggling contraband. Illegal goods are not good for the economy which is why it is frowned upon across the galaxy. These must be smuggled past security ships orbiting major settlements by putting them secretly inside special purchasable ship modules.

If caught, players will encounter law enforcement. If they resist and fail in escaping they will be sent to jail or pay a fine.

Buy Houses

Players can buy a house in all major cities but there are homesteads that will be available as quest rewards. There are also in-game parents and will be generated based on features chosen for the protagonist during character creation.

20 Companions to Encounter

Bethesda reveals that there are 20 companions to encounter and befriend in Starfield. There will be four from Constellation, while others are connected to main quests. They have their own backgrounds, gear, and more. Players can also hire generic crew members to work on ships and at outposts.

Other New Info

For players worried about time passing while not playing the game, that has been denied. Time will pass only when playing the game. They can use non-lethal weapons if they opt for a pacifist playthrough, which the studio teased to be difficult to complete. There are three main religions in-game, with House Va’runn being the primarily antagonistic religion. All faction quests can be completed independently, players can become an undercover agent within the United Colonies SysDef military, and more.

Starfield launches on September 6, 2023 on PC and Xbox Series X/S.