Starfield Player Unleashes Thousands of Potatoes to Test Physics

Unleash the potatoes!

One brave Starfield player tries to push the boundaries of physics in the game by unleashing thousands of potatoes onboard the ship.

A video posted by redditor Moozipan showed what would happen if one would open a door of their cockpit full of potatoes, 20,000 of them round brown stuff at that. What was his reason for doing this madness? Science of course!

After opening the cockpit door, it was expected to drop in a cartoonish way but for some reason, it realistically spilled onto the floor. It even moved about realistically as they interact with the door as it closes. That, is a big step in gaming history, as it just showed an object in the game move as realistically as possible.

Video game tech expert John Linneman from Digital Foundry called this new feat “mind-blowing.” “The fact that these objects all have physics is impressive,” said Linneman on a Twitter post.

It is interesting to note that Moozipan reported the game’s framerate dropped below 20fps after the video ends. No wonder at that since it was 20,000 objects in one frame and all moving at that.

Starfield is now available on PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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