Starfield Players Experiencing Severe Sound Problems

Issues are still happening even though players are using SSD.

Various Starfield players have reported that they are currently experiencing severe sound issues on both PC and console versions of the game. This caused various problems like delays and game freezes.

Some players have now posted on social media to report a number of severe audio issues in Starfield. These complaints have started to multiply online throughout the game’s five-day early access period.

It is interesting to note that back in June 2023, Bethesda requested players to use SSD when installing and playing the game. This was added to the minimum PC requirements, which was strange to players. This indicated that the game probably needed an SSD to properly run it on PC because if it was an HDD, it might not load properly. With a game size of almost 100GB, the addition of the SSD requirement was a great addition by Bethesda on their part.

Some might think that the audio issues are caused by installing the game on HDD, but that is not the case for all of the reports. It was revealed that players are using m.2 SSD, the fastest solid-state disk format right now, and still, it is getting audio issues.

Xbox Series X players are getting issues even though the console has SSD which is quite surprising. Even the console’s built-in party chat feature is getting issues due to the game, which is weird. Players only needed to reset the console to remove the problem, but it comes back inevitably when playing the game.

Bethesda has not responded to these allegations yet, but it will only be a matter of time before they do that.

Starfield launches later today on PC and Xbox Series X/S.