Starfield Players Already Making Famous Sci-Fi Ships In-Game

Millennium Falcon! Enterprise! Destroyer! All here!

starfield spaceship

Various Starfield players have already made different sci-fi ships from many popular films in-game.

Several players who played the early access of Starfield have made interesting new creations with the help of its robust ship creation mechanic. Fans of various sci-fi films have now created their favorite ships in the game with working engines and capabilities (or somehow close to the ones in the films).

One player created the Enterprise from Star Trek in the game. It might not be the exact replica of the Enterprise, but is nearly close to it.

Another famous ship created in the game is the powerful Destroyer from Star Wars. It might not be as big as the original Destroyer, but it is close enough.

Speaking of Star Wars, another player also made a ship from the film, this time from the Rebels side, the X-Wing and the Millennium Falcon.

From the video game side, someone built the Halo UNSC Frigate Forward Unto Dawn. They do clarify that it is a 1:4 recreation since Starfield has a 100 meter length limit for ship building.

There was also the Pelican from the original Halo game.

Of course, the Normandy from the Mass Effect series was not forgotten. It did not exactly look like the original Normandy but it was close enough.

There were others too like the Razercrest, Serenity, Daedalus, and many more. Later in the coming weeks, there could be more ships with unique designs being shown online.

Starfield is already available on PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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