Starfield Raised Universal Trait Guide

This guide talks about the Raised Universal trait and where to find the special Sanctum Universum Chest in Starfield.

Starfield Raised Universal cover

Raised Universal is one of the traits in Starfield, and it is also one of the religious factions in the game. Players who pick this trait align themselves with the Sanctum Universum, a religious group that believes God is somewhere out in the universe. Because of this, its followers head out into space under His guidance.

Read ahead as we talk more about the Raised Universal trait in Starfield, where to find the Sanctum Universum, and what’s in store in their special chest.

To align with the Sanctum Universum, you must pick the Raised Universal trait during the character creation screen at the start of the game. Doing so will lock you out of picking the Raised Enlightened and Serpent’s Embrace traits. Once you have picked the trait and started the game, you will be able to interact with fellow Universals with special dialogue options, as well as get access to their chest.

Where to find the Sanctum Universum Chest?

One of the perks of being aligned with the Sanctum Universum is that you get access to the Sanctum Universum Chest, which contains some items that can help you get a boost in the early game.

Starfield Where to find the Sanctum Universum Chest

As the name suggests, the Sanctum Universum Chest is located within the Sanctum Universum, which is in New Atlantis, on the planet Jemison of the Alpha Centauri System. As you land in Jemison, take the transit to MAST District, then look for the circular gold building, which is the Sanctum Universum headquarters. You can then head inside and look to the left to find the Sanctum Universum Chest.

Sanctum Universum Chest Contents

Starfield Sanctum Universum Chest Contents

These are the things that can be found inside the Sanctum Universum Chest:

  • Sanctum Universum, Vol 1
  • Sanctum Universum, Vol 2
  • Sanctum Universum, Vol 3
  • x6 Med Pack
  • x2 Heart+
  • Distilled Water
  • Neocity Urbanwear

Most of the books will provide you with some lore about the Sanctum Universum, while the rest are simple consumables. The Neocity Urbanwear can be a good starter apparel as it provides +5% O2 Recovery.

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