Starfield Romance Offers Players XP Boost for Leveling Up

Exploit it and get gains!

Many players have reported that having sex in Starfield will give players a sizeable XP boost for leveling up.

It seems players are now setting up romantic relations with their companions in Starfield in order to get some sweet XP boosts. According to Reddit, players can get 15 percent XP boosts when they sleep with a companion. This is called the “Emotional Security” buff which lasts for 24 minutes. It is similar to the well-rested condition but that only has 10 percent so this other buff is better.

There is a hiccup though: players cannot have one night stands in this game. Players MUST go through the romance trials and tribulations before they can get that sweet, sweet XP buff.

Players will be able to romance several companions in the game and commit to one of them later on. After this, players can get the chance to spend the night with one of them.

Notice that we always mention “one of them”? This is the second hiccup for romance: players cannot practice polygamy or open relationships here. They can only commit to one person only, so choose wisely.

Starfield is now available on PC and Xbox Series X/S.