Starfield Space Camp Video Features Content Creators

Time to train before Starfield launch!

Bethesda has recently revealed the new Starfield Space Camp video which features four popular content creators.

With the upcoming Early Access just around the corner, Bethesda hypes it up even more with a new gimmick in the form of a certain training. Since Starfield is a space-exploration video game, it would be a great idea to prepare for it by training for space exploration – in real life.

Four famous content creators have been enlisted to undergo this awesome Space Camp training in Huntsville, Alabama. These creators are:

  • Astro_Alexandra
  • Filspixel
  • LilyPichu
  • Myth

All four creators will be training like an astronaut as they “prepare to explore Starfield’s universe”. Well, this might be an “interesting” way to promote the game before launch, but it could attract a lot of viewers due to these content creators as they have a wide audience. They might just watch the training videos just to cheer their favorite content creators.