Starfield Timeline Detailed by Bethesda

The whole timeline finally detailed.

Bethesda has recently revealed the Starfield timeline which details the events from 2023 to 2330.

According to Bethesda, the game’s timeline begins in 2050. This is the year when humans first arrive on Mars. It is said that this year is relatively consistent with NASA’s own estimates of when humanity will touch down on Mars after returning to the Moon later this decade.

Bethesda then jumps forward 106 years. This is 2156 and humanity has now arrived in Alpha Centauri, which is the nearest star system to the Sun. This is where the company adds its own spice called fiction.

In 2159, the United Colonies are established. A year later, the city of New Atlantis gets founded and becomes the capital of the United Colonies.

Later, a separate alliance called the Freestar Collective will be founded and within about 40 years there was a war between it and the United Colonies over territory. The Narion War, the first interstellar war, will dragon on for two decades. Afterward, a peace treaty gets signed.

After 50 years of pace, the Constellation organization is formed in 2275 to answer the mysteries of the universe. In 2310, it discovers the first Artifact of seemingly non-human origin.

In 2307, humans will start the Colony war and will last for four years. After this war, it founds the UC Vanguard, a civilian force used to protect the organization’s interests.

The timeline then ends with the numerous characters that players will meet by joining the UC Vanguard and Constellation as the time period that is covered by Starfield. The last part will be in 2328 which is the purchase of the spacestation to be used by Constellation for scanning deep space called The Eye.

Starfield launches on September 8, 2023 on PC and Xbox Series X/S.