State of Decay 2 Release Date and Price

So an upcoming zombie survival horror game called State of Decay 2 has been given a release date along with a set price point. Surprisingly enough, despite being one of the most anticipated exclusives for the Xbox gaming console, Microsoft revealed that State of Decay 2 may cost somewhere between $30 to $50.

While a $30 asking price does seem like a generous move from Microsoft should they decide for the minimum, the price can very well be $50 as well. Although, the original State of Decay costed a mere $20 at release, so State of Decay 2 may be trying to follow in suit for a more lower price.


Microsoft is also offering an Ultimate Edition somewhere between $50 to $70 at max. This does seem like quite a deal since it includes upcoming DLCs, such as Independence and Daybreak, as well as a copy of the original State of Decay.

As for the release date of State of Decay 2, it will release this May 22 for the Xbox One and PC.

Source: IGN