State of Play Event Rumored to be Happening Soon

We might just got some news of a most awaited title!

A well-known insider has revealed that a new State of Play event will be happening real soon.

Everyone thought it was a bummer that only a third-party State of Play event happened recently and there were no announcements, even a tease of any first party games. One of the most awaited announcements was the launch of God of War Ragnarök, a title made by Santa Monica Studio. There were other titles that were anticipated, but this one was the first on the list.

There is some good news for those who were waiting because word from the rumor mill says that a first-party State of Play event will be happening next week, just one way to finish off the month of June. This comes from insider Tom Henderson, but this is actually something him and others have pieced together from couple of information they gathered online. One of the pieces was a rumor that says Sony Interactive Entertainment is planning to reveal some new hardware soon and one of those was a PS5 Pro controller. A State of Play event would be the best stage for that.

Gran Turismo Producer recently announced that there will be an update of their latest game next week. Lastly, Jason Schreier also says that God of War Ragnarök release date is going to be announced later this month, which should be next week.

state of play
State of Play earlier this month

Everything is in place and it all leads to an upcoming State of Play for first-party studios, definitely. More or less, 90 percent happening, but at the off chance the 10 percent will happen, no State of Play, then it could happen at a later date. They recently did a State of Play event, so it could be way too early.