Steam Again Breaks All-Time Concurrent User Peak Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic

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PC gaming platform Steam has again broken its records with a new all-time concurrent user peak.

Steam breaks records again

The world is still in “house arrest” with the COVID-19 pandemic, which is why there are still many gamers playing more games on different platforms and one of them is Steam. Last month it broke its all-time active concurrent user peak with over 20 million. That was record-breaking and not even comparable with the previous years.

This time around it would be broken again in just a few weeks. The new record was achieved by the PC gaming platform recently this weekend. The current record now is 24,535,923 concurrent players. This is the biggest record yet in its gaming history. This could climb up again if the lockdown continues for many countries around the world.

With this much traffic from many users around the globe, game company Valve has already made measures recently to make accommodations. In order to preserve bandwidth, the platform has delayed some game updates for titles that were not played recently. This could change if the concurrent players record would be broken again and traffic would slow down.

Thanks VG247. Source: Steam Database

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