Steam Deck Buyers Living Near Valve HQ Gets Units Delivered Personally by Gabe Newell

Hand-delivered and signed by the man himself!

Buyers of the Steam Deck PC handheld and living nearby the Valve HQ might be in for a surprise as the big man himself, Gabe Newell, could be handing it to you personally.

Several people who have pre-ordered the handheld consoles have been emailed by Valve recently who are also living nearby the office. The email states that Newell will be delivering their units to their doorsteps on that day. Some were confused and others straight up did not believe a word they said.

“I don’t believe you,” one of the Steam Deck recipients replied.

Well, they were wrong as a new video attached to a post on the official Twitter account of Steam Deck showed Newell preparing himself for the delivery. They then drive off to the addresses of the buyers and Newell straight up knocks on the door with the box on hand.

Cleary shocked and also a big fan of the Valve president, one man stutters while talking to Newell. He could not believe he was personally delivering his unit personally.

Newell was also seen signing the Steam Deck units before hand-delivering them. “Hopefully the people won’t get mad that I’m signing them,” he joked. It might become more expensive now that he has signed it.

There were others that actually did not recognize him, but they still thanked them for personally delivering it to them.

The reason why Newell is familiar with delivering items is due to his first job, which was delivering newspapers. He also had a job of delivering telegrams for Western Union. For him, delivering the Steam Deck units reminding him of his old days.

Steam Deck is out now for delivery and possibly Newell is handing it to you nearby Valve offices.