Steam Deck Docking Station Delay Announced

The official docking station release gets delayed.

Valve has now announced that Steam Deck Docking Station, the official docking accessory, has its release moved its schedule.

Steam Deck Docking Station Replacements

The Steam Deck has been shipped for a while now and a lot of users already have the device. It has a USB-C port, which could make it possible connect multiple peripherals like a mouse and keyboard, but at the same time it is impossible to connect without a USB hub.

steam deck docking station

Delay Confirmed

Valve announced an official dock together with Steam Deck a while ago and that would have been the perfect item to connect multiple peripherals at once. While third-party docks could do the trick, an official dock would have been way better. Unfortunately, the Steam Deck Docking Station has been delayed.

According to Valve, the reason for its delay is the parts shortages and the COVID closures at their manufacturing facilities. This has been a common reason for electronic devices getting delayed like the latest GPU models and consoles and now it has hit Steam Deck.

Steam Deck Compatibility with Third Party Accessories Improved

In the meantime, Valve is now just continuing its work to improve the dock experience for the Steam Deck with all USB-C hubs and external displays. This basically says Valve is acknowledging that other UBS-C hubs can work on their device without any issue. At least it still works better with third party accessories and not lock it out from them.

Steam Deck is now available.